We are very excited to introduce our new menu for 2017! Inspired by the sport that gives us our name the menu marries Scottish influences with quality, traditional pub fare. We’ve kept some old favourites, so locals don’t be fearful, and added some new flavours to tantalize your taste buds.

Here’s a few of our favourites…


Golf Tavern Mussels

Influenced by our Gaelic friends from across the sea, we steam our fresh mussels with sweet onion, parsley and Guinness stout to give a real depth of flavour. “Don’t forget to squeeze that lemon wedge, the citrus kick finishes off the whole thing nicely.” Tom.


Golf Tavern Steak Pie

Now we’re not saying chef brings this one from home, but that’s certainly where the recipe came from. Great chunks of Scottish beef stewed in hearty gravy then baked to order with its toasty pastry blanket. “I tip mine upsides down so the pastry is on the bottom. I like a soggy bottom, I don’t care what Mary Berry thinks!” Greg.


Golf Tavern Mac N Cheese

We’d order this just to get the homemade garlic bread, but the macaroni cheese is the star. This is a staff and customer favourite so we couldn’t possibly see it missed off our new menu. Have it either as a main course or a side, we make sure the rich béchamel sauce blends seamlessly with the Scottish cheddar crumb to give a complete experience of texture and flavour. “Chef won’t tell me the recipe, but there’s just enough mustard that I know it’s there but only improves the cheese. I’ll get it from him one day.” Emily

If reading this has made you as hungry as writing it did us there’s only one thing left to do – book your next visit!

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See you soon.
Team Golf