Who’s up for some hilarity?

It’s one of our favourite times of year here at The Golf Tavern.

The Laughing Horse is back! Annually we welcome lots of new faces and have a good old laugh at some hilarious comedy and great live music…

You don’t need to go into town though, to catch the action, we’ve got plenty of live and FREE comedy shows right here at The Golf Tavern! Get excited, we’ve some seriously good talent for you lined up. Yes, don’t say we are not good to you!

See our list of amazing talent, The Laughing Horse pick of the shows, kicking off at 9.30pm on the dates below. Choose your favourites or come and see them all!

Get in touch if you’d like to make a real event of it. Why not grab a bunch of mates and enjoy a meal and some pre-comedy drinks?

Sun 21st

Jamie Scott Gordon | Tommy Holgate | James Harris | Rosie Holt | Scott Redmond|Ryan Bembridge & MC Gary Lynch

Mon 22nd

Nishant Tanwar | Nick Ellery |Olivia Rhee | Yolav & Graham | Arielle Dundas | Daniel Muggleton & MC Gary Lynch

For booking and information – Tel 0131 221 5221