As the oldest known golfing pub, the Golf Tavern is steeped in history and tradition. We are extremely proud of our traditional Scottish heritage however, we believe there is no harm in updating things once in a while. Which got us to thinking, it was time we updated our food menu…

As a proper piece of Edinburgh history our main focus was to create a menu which complimented our Scottish roots whilst adding some exciting new dishes. Our new menu is ready for action and we have to say, we are rather quite pleased with it.

Our chefs have crafted a brilliant list of dishes which combines the best of our previous offering with plenty of delicious new delights. Our new menu has taken advantage of our fabulous local produce and incorporated this is any way possible. Our Scottish Smoked Salmon and Hearty Venison Stew are perfect accompaniments to an ice cold pint or a nice wee dram.

Our famous favourites such as our Beer Battered Haddock and Haggis, Neeps and Tatties remain firmly on the menu. However, our chef’s new creations such as the stunning sharing platters are already proving to be a huge hit!

It’s not just our main menu that has received a bit of a facelift, our breakfast menu has been replaced by our new and improved brunch option. This menu will act as the perfect addition to provide you with some mid-morning fuel. Dishes such as Eggs Benedict, Pancakes and Bacon and of course, our famous Scottish Breakfast are all present and correct.

Why not come along and sample some of our new creations this weekend? With lots of new dishes and plenty of variety we promise you there is something for everyone!

Give us a call on 0131 221 5221 or use the booing widget to reserve a table today!